Melkjug has a slick new look recently got a nice facelift. Congrats to Luke, Josh, and the design team – great work.

Melkjug is TOPP’s newsfeed reader and tuner. If you’re like me, your current feed reader probably has thousands of unread articles. Melkjug uses your preferences ("I like articles written by Kelly Vaughan" or "I like articles that Tim liked") to sort through all your articles and find the ones you actually want to read.

You can set your preferences by ‘tuning’ the handy filters in the right-hand column:



Besides the new look, the new Melkjug has added features like OpenID login, ‘starred’ items, and the ability to follow your friend’s jug.

As with all our software projects, Melkjug is open source. You can visit the Melkjug project website at