Planetizen Profiles TOPP

Planetizen, the urban planning news network, just posted a great (and flattering!) profile of TOPP and Streetsblog:

By now you have probably heard the buzz about New York City’s
Department of Transportation Commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan— a
"guerilla bureaucrat" who is consistently credited with redefining the
"T" in DOT. Yet, Gotham’s real quest for livable streets is happening
from the bottom up, not the top down—more like Jane Jacobs v.2.0 than
Robert Moses.

At the center of the city’s livable streets movement is a little
known non-profit comprised of Gen X and Y tech geeks, educators,
artists, and journalist-urban activists who leverage open web
technology to network catalytic change in the 21st century city. They
call themselves The Open Planning Project (TOPP), and their signature
communication tool—the one gaining acclaim and potentially coming to a
city near you—is Streetsblog.[…]

Streetsblog is the force de majeure in the American Livable
Streets movement— capturing 125,000 unique site visits per month, and
growing… Today, the drop of a blog post sends action alerts and livable streets information to all corners of the country. 

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