Streetsblog San Francisco is up and running!


Take a look!

From Streetsblog:

After interviewing many highly qualified candidates during last month’s
RailVolution conference, we’ve hired Bryan Goebel as the site’s editor
and Matthew Roth as full-time reporter. Bryan
is a veteran journalist, radio reporter and active San Francisco
Bicycle Coalition member. Matthew recently moved to the Bay Area from
New York City where he worked for Transportation Alternatives as
director of the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign and
spearheaded efforts to curb government employee parking abuse.

In addition to support and overhead provided by TOPP, San Francisco
Streetsblog will be funded by a generous donation from Jonathan Weiner,
a bike-commuting, Muni-riding software entrepreneur and a grant from the Wallace Global Fund.

We’re hearing from a lot of people in the Bay Area who are pleased to have us in town. No other media source bothers to cover stories like this.

Thanks to everyone who has been working on it.