Getting creative with our streets

Livable Streets Education’s recent street-painting event is drawing praise in Brooklyn. Reports the Brooklyn Downtown Star:

"Paint the Pavement" was a collaborative initiative designed to liven
up and designate the school zone outside P.S. 67, across the street
from Whitman-Ingersoll, as well as teach students about the
community-building power of public art. Dozens of volunteers and
hundreds of kids came together to paint a series of colorful, circular
murals, the largest about 20 feet in diameter, along the narrow road
that divides the school and the public housing site.

"The idea is to have a community event that brings attention to the
fact that it’s a school zone," said Kim Wiley-Schwartz, director of
Livable Streets Education. She cited the proximity of the street to the
school itself, noting that residents don’t always take the necessary
precautions when zooming by in their cars. "We just want to make sure
that people drive with caution-and of course use art as a
community-building activity."[..]

"We hope to help schools connect to resources like this in the future,"
[director of community development at the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership Meredith Phillips] Almeida said. "From our perspective, we try to be stewards of spaces in
our community. We think it’s exciting that we can help kids take on a
similar role." [Full Article]

And for the digital artist in all of us, the GOOD Magazine blog announced the Livable Streets ‘Redesign Your Street’ contest winner.