GeoExplorer Preview

The developers at OpenGeo have been working with others toward an initial release of the GeoExt toolkit.  GeoExt brings together the spatial capabilities of OpenLayers with the user interface power of ExtJS.  To demonstrate the types of applications that can be built with GeoExt, we’re putting out a preview release of GeoExplorer.

The goal of GeoExplorer is to make it easy for anyone to assemble a browser based mapping application with functionality traditionally found in the desktop GIS world.  The GeoExplorer preview release includes basic layer browsing capabilities and can be placed in front of any compliant WMS.  Give the preview release a try or download it and set it up in front of your own server.

After the initial release of GeoExt, we’ll be rolling out a more feature filled version of GeoExplorer.  Upcoming releases will include a wizard for configuring a GeoExplorer application with your own layers and publishing options for embedding the app in any web page.