Map Your Comments

We’ve just released a plugin for WordPress that allows comments to be located on a map.  We saw that some of the issues we are exploring on Streetsblog and GothamSchools have an important geographic aspect to them and that the discussions that were taking place around these issues would be enhanced if each comment could be plotted on a map.  The “Comment Geo Maps” WordPress plugin was thus a natural solution.

The plugin allows editors to turn a post or a page into a geo-based comment map.  The post format is good for time-sensitive topics like mapping participation at a city-wide event and puts a map at the top of the regular list of comments. The page format is good for more permanent topics like mapping dangerous NYC intersections and fills the whole page with a large map beside a column of comments. People can then leave comments and location information which are geo-coded and become points on the map.

See the page format live at


A screenshot of the page format


A screenshot of the post format

To read more about this plugin, see its project page.  Feel free to use this plugin in your own blog and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.