What OpenGeo has been up to

OpenGeo’s had a busy month as we have been ramping up to drive our technology and business in exciting new directions. Here is a quick preview of what is in store for us:

The OpenGeo Suite Installer. In an effort to bring open source geospatial software to new markets, we are unifying the OpenGeo Suite into one tight package. Soon we will be releasing a distribution of PostGIS, GeoServer, and GeoWebCache with a easy installer, an improved data importing interface, and an integrated Styler application based on Openlayers and GeoExt.

The GeoNode. In collaboration with the World Bank’s Central American Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA), we have been building the next generation of SDI technology with modern web principles in mind. This summer we have built a simple data clearing house with GeoServer and GeoExt. Soon we will extend it with reporting tools useful for disaster risk management experts in the field, as well as uploading and styling workflows. Keep an eye out here for updates on the GeoNode’s technical and community development.

Training and FOSS4G. We are improving our training curriculum and giving several workshops on our stack. We will have a strong presence at FOSS4G this year, and are eager to spread the news and knowledge of our latest open source developments, like GeoExt, to the rest of the open source geospatial community.