Phil Ashlock on Brian Lehrer Tonight

Tonight at 7:30 EST, tune in as Brian Lehrer interviews Philip Ashlock of TOPP Labs. You’ll be able to view the webcast here.

6:30pm update from Philip Ashlock:

I just came back from the studio taping and thought I’d mention a few things I didn’t have a chance to cover during the interview.

One good example of civic technology we’re developing is trip planning software for public transportation. We’ve worked with Portland’s TriMet to provide their trip planner and we’re bringing other cities together to share and collaborate on technology like this with the Open Trip Planner project. You can find more information about our technology projects on this website, on the TOPP Labs website, and on the OpenGeo website.

Also, The Open Planning Project helps bring developer communities together to better support their efforts. We’ve done this with the other transit developers in the region, including Chris Schoenfeld of StationStops, with the New York Public Transit Data Summits and We’re now working to facilitate a healthy and productive dialogue between these developers and the MTA. We’re following this same model for the Open311 initiative by bringing 311 developers and city governments from across North America together to share technology and best practices to create better more connected city services.

On the subject of opening up city data, it’s worth noting that both Vancouver, BC and Portland, Oregon have recently passed legislation that makes open data and open technology a core part of city government.