On their blog today, Mobile Commons explains how AARP used text-to-voice to mobilize senior citizens around health care reform.

It’s not news that mobile (and particularly phone and sms) are the tech tools that connect with the widest audience, but I’m continually impressed by the way that Mobile Commons has built a platform that makes it super-easy to mix modes (text/phone/photo) using custom built workflows.  There’s so much opportunity for civic hacking here it makes my head hurt.

Here at TOPP Labs, we’re thinking about how projects like Community Almanac or FixCity could benefit from richer mobile experiences, and we’re planning to work more mobile into nearly all of our future civic engagement projects.  The Mobile Commons feature of using a text message to prompt a voice reply is particularly interesting to me, and could make for some really interesting public-space survey type apps.

So, what are the best examples you’ve seen of using mobile to leverage civic engagement?  What tools are you using?