Wanted: Volunteer Web Developer for NYC Parks Project


The Open Planning Project is partnering with the PenTales Storytelling Projects to develop an interactive web app for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. The application will serve as an interactive platform for New Yorkers of all ages to share and collaborate on stories they have produced through hand-writing, digital-writing, photography, moving pictures, voice media and other forms of communication. The platform will first pilot in New York City and will later be expanded to include other American urban and rural communities.

PenTales is seeking a talented, civic-minded volunteer developer to make the project happen. The developer will work very closely with PenTales and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation staff from start to finish, with guidance from TOPP’s developers.

The app will be built using the python-based open source Community Almanac code base. This same code is also being actively developed with other projects.

You can view the full job description on our jobs page. Please pass it on!