Job Opening: OpenGeo Systems Administrator

Our OpenGeo division is on the hunt for a talented systems administrator to help develop their suite of open source geospatial solutions.

The OpenGeo team develops spatial web services based on Java and clients in JavaScript. Our primary technology stack consists of Linux, Postgresql with a spatial extension, Jetty or Tomcat to run our servlets. We use webservers for static content and proxying. Additionally, we provide a few services to the projects we are involved in, such as Trac, WordPress, and build bots for automated testing. A system administrator dedicated to this team provides a platform for running these services, as well as a supporting role for a team of 9 highly dedicated software developers and outreach engineers. There may also be some consulting work for clients, either to avoid scalability issues or to help debug problems on production servers.

The position provides you with the chance to design the infrastructure that you think is best suited to get the job done. A good candidate should therefore be analytical, self-driven and able to handle multiple tasks. We emphasize understanding fundamental concepts and being able to find more information, as opposed to experience with advanced tools. For instance, you should be familiar with /proc and the various tools used to extract information from this resource, as well as manually query HTTP based services.

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