Say hello to OpenPlans

After many years as The Open Planning Project (TOPP to close friends), we are excited to announce a name change. From now on, we’re OpenPlans.

We came to this decision after some thought about what our organization stands for and about where we want to go. The Open Planning Project is a mouthful, and the acronym TOPP, while short and sweet, doesn’t really tell the world who we are.

So much of what we do is about opening up cities: their data, the way they plan, and the way they operate. OpenPlans is a natural fit, and it also happens to be our long-time domain name.

So we at OpenPlans say hello. We look forward to continued success with our shorter appellation. To go along with our name, we’ve refreshed our logo and website. We hope you’ll take a look around and consider getting involved in our work. We will be doing more blogging here, and we’ll be doing a better job of highlighting our work and partnerships.