A Case for Open Data in Transit

StreetFilms has produced a great video highlighting the case studies and benefits of open transit data and how that relates to the broader movement around Gov2.0. Along with websites like CityGoRound.org and the developer resources exemplified by transit agencies like Trimet, BART, MBTA, and the MTA this video does a great deal to show what can be done and what is being done to leverage more innovation and access to information around public transit. If you know of a transit agency or a developer that could use this kind of insight and inspiration, please pass it on. The video concludes by looking further into the whole transportation network by asking what else we could do with access to better data in regards to traffic, safety, and more.

The video features Chris Dempsey and Joshua Robin of the MBTA, MTA Chair Jay Walder, O’Reilly Media founder and gov2.0/web2.0 thought leader Tim O’Reilly, Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase, NYC Councilwoman Gale Brewer, Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives, as well as Nick Grossman and Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock of OpenPlans.

Please take a look and spread the word: http://www.streetfilms.org/a-case-for-open-data-in-transit/