From the watercooler… 7/29

Check out a few of the stories, news clips, images, maps and vids bouncing around the OpenPlans office, where the windows won’t open, but our office chatter is

  • Ubs vs. Googs:  Google shut down the Estimated Time of Arrival API due to inaccuracy. The Atlantic –  Meanwhile Uber’s pool of drivers and better API  gives quality real time and reliable ETA data Uberblog
  • Neighbortree offers homeowners and HOAs a unique neutral platform for all residents to contribute in a social neighborhood based network social network a constructive manner.
  • And now for why we are all here, maps:
  • Proof that NYC is always changing, a photograph: “WaterTowers: What goes up/ must come downA view from the OpenPlans kitchen” (alternatively named: “Watertower is dead, long live Watertower!”)

via EpicGraphics Something to chew on this weekend.