Streetfilms, Moving Beyond English

Streetfilms has had an amazing impact communicating smart urban planning and transportation design through fun-to-watch and high quality short videos. Thanks to Universal Subtitles, which uses crowd sourcing to allow viewers to translate and subtitle videos in most any language, as well as improve upon existing translations, has allowed Streetfilms to be translated into other languages.

The Moving Beyond the Automobile series was the inaugural set of Streetfilms to be translated. Thanks to dedicated Streetfilms enthusiasts, Moving Beyond the Automobile has been translated into 9 languages to date, with more languages in process. Check out the translation here: Moving Beyond the Automobile.

The momentum has been building! Streetfilms has now enabled Universal Subtitles on every video in the collection.  Users can begin translations indepedently or just view the subtitled viedos that have been completed. If you wish to contribute to the effort, start here.

Universal Subtitles is a project of Participatory Culture. It is a collaborative toolset and community for volunteers and organizations around the world to make almost any web video accessible to the deaf and to translate videos for everyone. In addition to Streetfilms, Universal Subtitles has enabled over 112,00 videos to be translated.

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