Open & Candid: David Dubovsky

OpenGeo is growing at a fast; an influx of great talented people are coming on board. The freshest of the fresh is David Dubovsky, who joins us from recent stints at the New York MTA, in software marketing and urban planning firms. He joins OpenPlans as OpenGeo’s Marketing Manager. David took some time to tell us where he came from, how he got here and where he plans to go:

Nickname to differentiate you from the other Daves we know:
Call me “David-I-Drink-the-Livable-Streets-Kool-Aid Dubovsky”.

Why not stay in the traditional private sector?
OpenPlans always seemed like a really cool, cutting edge place. When I saw the OpenGeo opportunity it all clicked – I’ll switch school to part time and leverage my past experience in software to work in the industry I want to be in (i.e. the reason I went to school in the first place was to switch industries).

How did you discover OpenPlans?
My connection to OpenPlans has always been through volunteering and following Transportation Alternatives and Streetsblog

How do you envision your future with OpenPlans?
I’m looking forward to my position evolving over time. At the beginning I see myself helping in various roles: process development, some administrative duties, developing marketing collateral and event management. Over time I hope to make the processes replicable and repeatable for another staffer to step in while I transition to marketing at a business to business level and other business development responsibilities.

Gloomy yet Optimistic Facts!:
“Until last week my apartment housed our four bikes, but sadly I sold one.”
“I’m very intrigued by why things fail.”

Welcome aboard David!