Open Streets Project

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the Street Plans Collaborative to power the Open Streets Projects’ website.  We love Open Streets as much as we love our project partners.

The  Open Streets Movement encourages citizens to see their streets as true public spaces and promotes biking and walking in the city.  At its heart, open streets are the simple closure of streets to cars and opening them to people-centric uses.  Exercise, walking, jogging, biking, existing without fear of being run down, observing live performances and concerts, taking free classes and playing in kid-areas are the types of activities most open street events play host to but these closed streets are canvasses for anything that involves the de-motorized-vehicle person. The Open Street Movement has been ganging momentum across the country : Similiar events are taking place in Miami, LA, San Francisco and other large and small cities across the country and Canada.  New Yorkers are familiar with Summer Streets which runs right in front of OpenPlan’s HQ.

With all this buzz and events planned already,  what will the OpenStreets Project set out to accomplish? Well, events just don’t make themselves happen!  To make an open street event truly special they must be planned and programmed, in the logistical and entertainment senses.  To increase the success of Open Streets initiatives, this project will develop a print manual and open source website. We’re going to work on the web part, which will be a one-stop source of information, models and best practices for planning and executing an amazing Open Streets event. (don’t click through – its not live yet) will launch in fall 2011 – keep an eye out in this space for updates.