NYC Bike Sharing – Tell the City Where YOU Want a Sharing Kiosk

NYC’s Bike Share program is coming in Summer 2012, and the NYC Department of Transportation wants to hear your voice on where to put the bike sharing kiosks.  Last week DOT launched the NYC Bike Share website, built by us.  Its’s time for you to participate in this civic important matter.  Find where you live, where you shop, where you work.  Drop a pin to indicate where you would like to see a bike kiosk, or support one that has been suggested.  These suggested locales will be used in the planning process over the next year in deciding where the bike kiosks will go.

Imagine, by next summer, being able to rent a bike for as long or little as you need it – grab one from one of 600 kiosks, then bike to the store, bike to a meeting, bike over to brunch – and drop off the bike at another kiosk.  No more sitting in a cab locked in traffic or waiting for the subway or bus.  When you’re ready to bike again, grab another bike and move on.

Bike Share is happening NYC – you shape how it will happen!

Bike Share demonstrations are taking place throughout September and October 2011: