Generation X

The sight Edward saw, a shimmering endless New York, shaped of lipsticks, artillerary shells, wedding cakes and folded shirt cardboards: a city built of iron, papier-mache and playing cards: an ugly/beautiful world surfaced with carbon and icicles and bougainvilleau vines.  Its boulevards were patternless, helter skelter and cuckoo.  Everywhere there were booby-traps, Triffeds and blackholes.

And yet in spite of the city’s madness Edward noticed that its inhabitants moved about with ease, unconcerned that around any corner there might lurk a clown tossed marshmallow cream pie, a Brigada Rosa kneecapping or a kiss from the lovely film star Sophia Loren. And directions were impossible.  When he asked an inhabitant where he could buy a map, the inhabitant looked at Edward as though he were mad, then ran away screaming.

Douglas Copland,  Generation X