OpenBlock 1.1 released

OpenBlock 1.1 has been released today! Highlights of this release:

  • Big shareable maps, for example
  • Comments on NewsItems.
  • User-contributed “Neighbor Messages” and “Neighbor Events” news types.
  • Better support for running in a multi-city area.
  • Import Places from a CSV file via the admin UI.
  • Date and time picker widgets on forms, where relevant.
  • Support for future events, not just recent news.
  • Added scrapers for, Flickr.
  • Import locations from shapefiles in the admin UI.
  • Import blocks from shapefiles in the admin UI.

See the release notes for more details and upgrade instructions.

If you’re installing from scratch, see the install docs. (And if you’re in a hurry, try the Amazon EC2 AMI.)