OpenGeo Gallery: Real World Applications

The folks in OpenGeo frequently get asked about who uses open source software and the OpenGeo Suite. Well, lots of people do and to demonstrate we’ve been compiling the OpenGeo Gallery.  It’s is a collection of the real-world applications that power the software behind the OpenGeo Suite, including PostGIS, GeoServer,GeoWebCache, OpenLayers, and GeoExt.

Projects developed either by OpenGeo or by outside developers are equally featured in the gallery.  Find in-depth case studies from projects that the OpenGeo team has worked on, like the FCC broadband map, along with write-ups of apps that highlight cutting-edge uses of OpenGeo Suite components by member of the community.

We’re happy to showcase these projects whether we had a hand in them or not. Go on and see what you can do with OpenGeo software compnents:

View the OpenGeo Gallery