Watercooler: Cycling on Spatial Planes

We’re a bike enthusiast office.  Our building’s bike room is dominated by our rides, most people jump in the shower after getting to work and inquiring about the morning commute is the surefire way to strike up a conversation in the mornings.  Though Fall is holding strong against Winter’s invading cold bursts, the season for biking to work is coming to an end.  But there have been some major late season developments in bike culture here in NYC and worldwide.  Here’s some other conversation starters:

Bicycle storage storage solutions for a Bike Crazed World: The Atlantic

Bring in the best, will the rest follow (on their bikes?): In Search of a Bicycling Culture, Richmond Invites World’s Elites to Town.  The Atlantic

NYC DOT’s exploration of bike share systems around the world lead to design and implementation solutions that will scoop up the best ideas, discard the worst and respond to the Only-in-New-York! issues that NYC is so prone to presenting.  The Methodology of Bike-Share Station Placement in New York City.The Atlantic

The data collected via NYCDOT Bike Share website is open and available  This fellow did an analysis & spatial analysis of how to visulaize the thousands of pinpoints in more compelling and understandable ways.  Some really beautiful maps follow. “Bike Share:An exploration of techniques”  Spatiality

On the topic of open data, London’s Dept of Transportation will will publish useful raw data on road-works, cycle routes, and car parks, to help travellers use our transport networks better.  This data will be used by developers to give the public current info about construction, diversions and the lack of either.  One step closer to the future….  Publishing road-works, cycle routes and car parking data will finally get Britain moving.  Telegraph

Marriott is the first hotel in the US to install bike-share kiosks on their property.  A swell move for sure, will it prompt more private companies to offer municipalities bike share sites?. Self-Service World

What number of cities do you think have bike share?  Well its more than that number:

And Paris adopts car share. Taking car sharing to the next step, one way rides and electric cars are being using used in Autolib program.  Some of the same speculations about bike share dominates this discourse – will cars clump in popular places and dissipate in not-so popular places?   Car Sharing 2.0 Leaps Forward in Paris  The Transportation Politics