Watercooler: The 1, 6, CC, GG, JJ, LL, MM, RR Local edition

The focus of our spirited threads have been on NYC’s transit and planning front.  There was a lot of action as NYC agencies launched new technologies and mapping solutions to better service us, its citizenry.  From below ground to the sky looking down, movements on the tech front in NYC have been looking up and forward.

  • MTA introduced the Weekender bringing back the graceful, much lov’d and museum’d Massimo Vignelli map.  Its been up for two weeks, we’ve found it useful, how about you? (MTA.info, visualcomplexity.com)
  • MTA introduced a huge iPad, er, Surface, er, “On the Go! Travel Station” at the Bowling Green Station on the 4 and 5 trains. (NYDailyNews)
  • CBTC signaling will  be coming fully online very soon on the L train.  A great report detailing the hiccups and improvements was released, it’s a great read to understand why the L has been out of service so often. Most importantly, it details the improvements that are in store. (NYC Transit)
  • The MTA aimed for the fences with the bases loaded in the last few weeks and deployed cell service to the 14th Street stations in Manhattan.  Grand Slam!  25 additional stations will be connected in the next few years. (Gothamist, Second Avenue Sagas)
  • People served by NJ Transit across the Hudson, in Jersey, are finally being taught how to use the internet is. Zing. (Asbury Park Press)
  • New Yorkers do deserve a rat-free subway.  (Maybe we all stop eating and littering down there?) (NYDailyNews)
  • Bike Share is coming to NYC.  Previews of the bicycles and kiosks are currently being held.  Visit the website to suggest a location.  We had a hand in making this come together.
  • Thirty thousand people really want bike share to happen. Even the NYPost is getting behind it – 53 positive words committed to digital ink. (NewYork.com, NYPost.com)
  • NYC Department of City Planning launched a new mapping and planning app, ZOLA Zoning and Land-use Map.  A huge improvement over the old system of tiled PDF maps.  Cheers to City Planning on this improvement.
  • And looking to an even better future – if NYC was the smartest city on the planet: How could it function? (fastcity.com)

After crunching  all the data – The village bicycle of transit turnstiles has been found – this is the most used turnstile in all of NYC.