OpenBag: Jeff Larson Shows Us His Maps

Jeff Larson stopped by OpenBag to show some of his current data visualization work at ProPrublica. While at the The Nation, he coordinated the magazine’s editorial and business activities on the web during the 2009 political season.  He’s continued the same strain of work at ProPublica but widening his focus on other polictial issues:  mapping, politics, the mapping of politics and maps.

Jeff spoke about the collaboration between journalists, reporters, graphic designers and programmers to bring stories to life.  One thing runs true about all their work – it would never work on paper – its live, dynamic and allows the story to keep enriching with live data inputs.  For example:

+  Dollars for Docs- Explores, doctor by doctor and state by state, how much doctors are receiving in contributions from big Pharma.  The story originally ran in early 2011, but the datasets are still being updated from their original sources, allowing the reader to keep up with which doctors are taking money, and which aren’t.

+ Tainted Drywall – Explores building data from municipalities to track the toxic drywall impoted from China and where it was installed throughout the USA.   How and why did the problem start? And how does it continue to evolve through litagtion and replacement efforts? Are there any tainted houses in your neighborhood?  Tainted Drywall will answer all those questions.

+  Dialysis Facility Tracker for dialysis patients and others who want to learn about the quality of care at individual dialysis clinics.  Its a Yelp for diabetes suffers, but offers much more in-depth info. And is a tad bit more life saving.

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Who speaks at OpenBag? Anyone who is engaged in transportation, programming, mapping, diagramming, public space and urban issues and is taking the creative steps to push their respective field forward.  Or just anyone who is doing something we think is interesting – being that we’re all nerds here, it tends to be tech, planning or transit related.

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