Tri-Met Regional Trip Planner launches

Transit maps are objects of identities of the city, they spark infinite discussion and, of course, help people get to where they want to go.  For decades, the 2D map was the primary way for a customer to interact with the system. Designers were constrained by the physical limitation and customers were constrained by just what the angecy decided to include on that map. Online trip planners changed that,  while agencies have taken small steps in deploying their own trip planners and mapping solutions.  But these often have been lacking in scope, thoroughness or usability. OpenPlans Transportation is pushing beyond those limitations to a digital all-encompassing solution that unifies all transit choices in the city and connects schedules and trip info.

We’re proud to have developed the Tri-Met Regional Trip Planner.

The Regional Trip Planner takes into account the entire Tri-Met system – bus, light rail & communter rail and integrates in all other modes – bikes, walking, Zipcar, and commuter parking.  Users can plan trips and be assured that schedules, arrival times and route diversions are accurate and up to date as they maintained by Tri-Met, not a third party.

And the map and interface are just plain handsome.

Transit trips dont end at the end of the station – they end at your home, your job, your destination.   Trip Planner givs you options that adequately addresses the “last mile” conundrum.  How do you get to your destination if the transit doesn’t go exactly to where youre going. Will you pick up a ZipCar? Park and Ride? Bike? Walk?  With the triangulation tool you can balance, to your preference, how safe, how quick and how flat your journey will be. ZipCar locations show which cars are available, Park N Ride show many spots are at the lot and bike trips can be customized for flattness or max safety.

The Trip Planner is built on open-source components utilizing OpenTripPlanner and OpenStreetMap

If you’e anxious to poke around and don’t know Portland, you can use bus stop ideas (click on a stop circle or use 10770 and 5062 in the to and from) to discern addresses to start creating trips.  Those in travelling and living in Portland, enjoy and have a good trip.

Here’s some tips:

If you want to see multiple lines drawn on the map TriMet Routes tab and select+click routes. Each will show up,

ZipCar locales will display how many vehicles live at that location.

Don’t know Portland?  Zoom in and click on Bus Stop Id’s.  Enter them in the To and From boxes; they’ll be instantly converted to addresses.

Use the Location Search tab to find Landmarks and places.  Within you can plan trips to and from these locations and also see the Streetview of those locales.

Park and Ride locations can be sorted by Name or by Neighborhood.


And the feedback has been pretty great.

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