Watercooler: Streets and the Spaces in Between

This week we turn our attention to the negative space of the built environment, the circulatory system of the city, the voids, the negative spaces, the place where you go when youre going someplace.  Streets and public spaces.  Here’s what we’ve been chattering about in OpenPlans HQ:

Streets of Gold - Michael Flohr

+  Now, this is what we call BRT:  Connecticut is planning, and just received funding for, a BRT Corridor to parallel I-84 and an abandoned rail right of way. It will connect two relatively dense areas with direct routes and connect to branch routes. (Transportation Nation)

+  Dispatch from Philly : Redefining Dilworth Plaza Plaza.  An exciting project to make a formerly not-so-pedestrian-friendly place pedestrian friendly. (Core77)

+ Atlanta, Then & Now: An 1871 panoramic map of Atlanta shows how much more growth and density the city could accommodate within its street grid. A current “birds-eye” view of Atlanta via Bing maps shows just how much the city has changed, 147 years after having to start essentially from scratch.  (Library of Congress)

+ Old School GIS – the hand drafted way “The division office for the Philipines national highway department had someone on staff with extraordinary drafting skills. As a result the office was filled with beautiful technical drawings and hand lettered signs. This map of the Cebu region’s road network was one of my favorites.  These pictures don’t do justice but the quality rivals a plotter print. He said it took about a week to render.”






+  A look at the streetgrid of Manhattan if it was extended all over the world (ExtendNY)

An ExpandNY’er convo:
ExpandNYer 1:  Remember the night we met, honey?
ExpandNYer2:  Yea I’ll never forget baby, on the corner of 69,941 St and 65,007 Av
ExpandNYer1:  I’ll never forget it, but it was definitely the corner of 69,941 St and 65,008 Av
ExpandNYer2:  No, no, no, it was the corner of 69,941 St……

+  Explore the walkabilty of 2,500 Cities (WalkScore)

+  Rate NYC’s POPS Privately Owned Public Spaces (New York World)

+  Goodbye, Charlton St, we really didn’t pay any attention to you anyway.  (NYTimes)

+  And Traffic Engineers….  avoid banging your head against the wall.