Beautiful Streets in the news

Beautiful Streets has been on the scene for 3 weeks now- and the press has been, ahem, beautiful.
“What turns out to be another outlet of fleeting distraction can actually provoke some interesting insights. When presented, for example, with a shabby collection of old row homes or immaculate suburban lawns, do you immediately go for the “urban” street or for the cul-de-sac, and why? Are you faced with the dilemma of restraining your nostalgic or base aesthetic impulses in favor of your educated opinions?”

Curbed – Philly 

“Go to the Beautiful Streets websiteand you’ll see two photos of Google streetviews; you’re then asked to click on the street that’s more beautiful.  Not unlike Kittenwar, it’s insidiously addictive.”

Plan Philly 

“Where do we find beauty in otherwise unremarkable places?  I’ll be really curious to see how the data from Beautiful Streets shake out.”

“Actually the really great thing is that this project, entitled “Beautiful Streets“, which asks you to pick which street is “more beautiful” is ultimately looking at compiling data to identify the seemingly “tricky” aspects of a street that make it well loved.”
“Mjumbe Poe and Aaron Ogle, both of whom Technically Philly covered extensively during their year as Code for America fellows in 2011, helped build Beautiful Streets, which consists of 200 randomly selected shots of Philadelphia blocks captured by Google Street View…. Poe and Ogle’s team will analyze the data that is produced to see what they can understand about what we deem beautiful.”

Thanks to everyone who’s been voting and for all your feedback!