Urban Rooftop Balloon Mapping with Public Laboratory

Click through for a full album of rooftop balloon mapping pics

We went up and above and made use of our building’s untapped air rights with a Public Laboratory Balloon Mapping Kit.  Liz Barry, Leif Percifield, and Jason Eppnik of Public Lab along with our friends at Vizzuality set up shop on our deck and together we assembled and launched the helium balloon and camera rig.  We got it as high as 100′ up from our roof.   The rig snapped some great aerial pics of of our roof deck and the immediate surroundings of Chinatown and Soho.  Check out the pics, straight from the balloon.

Balloon mapping allows anyone to get aerial photos up to 500′ above the ground.  The Public Laboratory is your de facto source for info on the tools, the regulations and best practices for you to do your own balloon mapping.  Sign up on Public Laboratory to follow their progress: http://publiclaboratory.org/user/register

From view from Howard and Centre St

1 Gelb Luftballon