OpenBag: Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Development

Pratt Institute’s Jaime Stein, John Shapiro, and Lacey Tauber stopped by OpenBag to introduce their newest urban design programs.   They are all a part of Pratt’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development, described  as “an alliance of four programs with a shared value placed on urban sustainability — defined by the ‘triple bottom line’ of environment, equity and economy.”

John, Chair of City and Regional Planning, spoke about ways the program is trying to bridge the gap between communities and planning professionals, while also exploring ways to bridging the gap between planning professionals and new software.  He’s exploring how planner will use new technologies as part of the planning and civic engagement process.

Jaime, as Coordinator of Urban Environmental Systems Management, shares the work that Pratt Studios takes on to investigate sustainable planning solutions to citywide problems such as storm water runoff.  Her priorities include getting planners to think about sustainability in the early stage of every project, and not just as a tacked on buzzword or stylistic inclusion. An endgoal is to make future urban planners more conscious of sustainable solutions as part of the kit-of-tools that planners use.  Some present examples of design solutions already implemented include mitigating NYC’s water runoff problems by creating bio swells, green roofs, green walls, and expanded tree pits.  Included is addressing these issues through policy changes.  An example of one such is instituting sustainable policies on a citywide or statewide sormwater.

The future, swell.

We had a rousing discussion about how open source mapping and community engagement tools can help move these issues forward and look forward to Pratt’s continued growth and success.

Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development

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