Watercooler: Water Towers and Alley Ways

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+ Absolutely beautiful water tower sculpture now roofing it in DUMBO, NYC. via curbed.com

+ NYC’s first  first sustainability hackathon: Reinvent Green, a joint initiative of NYC Digital and the Mayor’s Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainabilityvia nyc.gov

+ The Bloomberg Foundation’s Mayor Challenge: a challenge from the Bloomberg Foundation to ‘make government work better’ (sounds familiar!) Team up with a city, submit an idea with them and compete with any other city in America for the $5m grand prize or four other $1m prizes. via mayorschallenge.bloomberg.org

+ Jargon Madness!

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+ Do older generations just not get transit?  NY MTA Chairman Joe Lhota suggests that voices of support for transit funding are easier to come by from the 35 and younger group.  A group whom don’t hold public office in large numbers, just yet.  via secondavenuesagas.com

+ Speaking of not getting transit, Apple has, as you’ve probably heard, not included transit routing directions in their new map app. Is this yet another sign that they are moving away from the niche counterculture folks and are now just appealing to the mainstream.  Lets take a look back when Apple cared about “courting the (transit taking) cool kidsvia Transportation Nation

+ See this?  Apple used to Ocean Pacific cool. Check out Apple’s 1980’s hiphop-meets-surfer clothing line (or merchandising opportunity realized.) via complex.com

CTA Station Watch provides crowdsourcedreal-time information about $200 million worth of construction at nine North Red Line Stations. It brings together news and photos from users like you to track the day-to-day changes as the line is under reconstruction.  via CTAStattionwatch.com

+   For Walk Score‘s transit metric, for example, the team created software that collects data from more than 150 transit agencies. When the city of Miami opened up their data on a Friday, the team had a Transit Score on Monday morning. “And these urban planners were like ‘My God, how did you calculate all those scores? Did you work all weekend?’ ” Lerner says. “No… it works while you sleep.” via slate.com…

+ This series of Slate articles on walking, and its long meander through the dark forest, in America via slate.com

+ Book recommendation:  Wanderlust: A History of Walking.

+ Map game! Can you pick the correct description of each map of the US?  Scored 7/12 here. via sporcle.com

+ The complaints about bike share are wonderful examples of NIMBYism. Everyone says, I totally support bike share… just not on my block!  “Residents of historic Washington Park say that a city plan to put a logo-covered 23-bike kiosk on their block would destroy the area’s historic integrity.” As opposed to the logo covered cars that currently occupy that space? via nytimes.com