OpenTripPlanner Mobile App for iPhone Kickstarter campaign – some of your questions answered.

Thanks to your generous contributions we’ve already passed the 40% mark and are well on our way to reaching full funding status on Kickstarter for the development of the open source OpenTripPlanner for Mobile app. Thank you so much for your support! We still have weeks to go in the campaign and would appreciate your help spreading the word!

In the meantime here are a couple of answers to questions we’ve received:

What about Android?
We plan to release an Android version of OpenTripPlanner Mobile. We’re just prioritizing the iPhone client because there’s a more pressing need with iOS 6. Native mobile applications take time to build. However, there are already developers in the OpenTripPlanner community working on open source Android clients. Depending on the success of this campaign we may be able to accelerate the development an Android version.

What about coverage outside of North America?
We’d love to see global coverage and hope to offer that at a future time. However, the U.S. and Canada have been more successful in opening up transit data than other areas. In many other countries transit data is not available or is shared only with Google. We hope that this project will highlight the downsides to restricting access to this data and encourage sharing. Once we’ve launched in North America we will begin exploring options to expand access internationally.

I thought there was a new Transit API in iOS 6, why the separate app?
There is a new API for transit in iOS 6. However, that API just helps you find apps that provide transit info for your area. If you’re planning a trip from within the new Apple Maps app it will help launch the transit app of your choice to plan a trip.

Here’s a great overview of what’s known about transit services in iOS 6:

Thanks again from everyone here at OpenPlans!