Watercooler: Beginning of August

Here’s what we were chatting about last week.

SEPTA's "green" sign looks dirty but is brand new.

+ Digital mapping current place is so yesterday. Pastmapper is an efforts to map and visualize history using historical databases to place not where things are, but where things were. Check into some of San Francisco’s location pulled from an 1862 city directory.  via buzzfedd

+ Where are the women on the tech sector? Check out this graphic showing some stats on just how equal (unequal) the tech sector is.  via itmanagerdaily

+ Terrifying videos from head mounted cameras.  This article talks about the benefits of riders who wear helmet mounted cameras  via nytimes

+ (Just in case you’re wondering: Brooklyn is kinda cool, but East London is really where it’s at. Glad we could straighten this out). via national geographic

+ NYC Restaurant Week restaurant map powered by Vizzuality’s excellent mapping tool and database CartoDB via cartodb blog

+ Battle for the streets! Article about the seceding of streets from pedestrians to motorists and the struggling ensuing from pedestrian advocates trying to get it back  But was there ever really a war? “And choices, Tregoning says, enhance the vitality of street life for city residents, not just suburban commuters. As for a war on cars, she says she knows of no such war.” via npr.org

+ The City of Barcelona this week launched a process to develop an organization whose intention is to develop (IT) standards for cities – the City Protocol Society.

+ Interview with Noun Project creators.  via core77

+ The folks at Duane Reade are going electric and giving you a say in how its new electric trucks are used. Use Mission Electric to suggest which locations will lead the way. via mission electric

+  ThingWorx will analyze, review and create reports on the data collected by Smart Structure on structurally deficient bridges in Philly.  via technical philly

+ Bike Share is going global.  Who would have thought, that when the linked-to Streetfilm was made, that bike share systems would become a demanded and expected infrastructure in cities? via Sustainable Cities Collective