A vote for open transit data is a vote for… America.

We've talked about how transit data comes in three flavors: open, open to Google and closed. And we've introduced the Transit Data Dashboard to track the availability of transit data by over 700 transit agencies.

Now, our goal is get 100% of transit agencies to completely open their data.

We need your help to make that happen!

Some transit agencies don't yet have an available data feed; others choose to only share data only with Google. If your agency doesn't have a public feed vote for it on our data dashboard. We'll be reaching out to missing agencies in the weeks ahead to let them know that their data matters to you. We need your help spreading the word in communities with out open data!

Here's what you can do:

+ Check the Transit Data Dashboard to see if your community is listed.

+ Vote to encourage the agency to create transit data feeds or to open their existing feeds.

+ If your community's transit system isn't listed at all – let us know!

Also, if we've missed a feed that's already available please let us know by leaving feedback on the dashboard page or add the feed yourself to the GTFS Data Exchange. (Also, we say a big thanks to Jehiah Czebotar, creator of the GTFS Data Exchange, without his dedication in building a clearinghouse for public GTFS, this project wouldn't have been possible!)