Kickstarter update: 10/29/12

We've been working on the OpenTripPlanner for iPhone for 6 weeks, and are just 1 week away from getting the beta into the hands of selected beta testers. The journey, as planned, is almost at its final leg. Here's what we've been working on since our last update.

Our frontend team:

+ created graphics, icons and imagery, and incorporated into the app.
+ chose TestFlight to distribute beta app to users.
+ is continuing to write the app.
+ is reaching out to potential beta testers.

Our backend developers:

+ started importing GTFS data feeds into our backend system.
+ developed a map of all the areas that will be covered by open data that will be in the app. If you are wondering if your metro area will be covered here, please note that this is a live map of metro areas and we are still adding areas. If you don't see yours, don't worry, we're still adding data to this map!
+ are fine tuning and completing the routing engines that will forward trip planning requests to the proper OpenTripPlanner instance.