POPS website launched at the MAS Summit

POPS are Privately Owned Public Spaces. In New York City there are more than 525 plazas, arcades and other indoor and outdoor spaces, created by a special zoning incentive. In a city as dense as ours, POPS are rare open spaces for public use – ideal for a lunch break, meeting new people, and taking a breath of fresh air. Where are these spaces, and how can we make better use of them?

The Municipal Art Society of New York launched a beta website about POPS last week, apops.mas.org. The site helps you find nearby POPS, add comments and photos, make announcements, and report problems. The site also serves as an extensive directory of NYC POPS, providing details about every single space – a description, design background, a site plan, and list of amenities. OpenPlans built the site for MAS.

During the MAS Summit last week, Jerold Kayden, founder of APOPS, unveiled the site. He invited New Yorkers to use the site at home or on their mobile device, learn more about POPS, find and visit the spaces, and start an active dialogue about them. As a beta site, your input is welcome:

We have released this website in its “beta-testing” mode because we want to start the conversation now.  We emphasize that the website starts as a work in progress and that we have much more to do to make it up-to-date, error-free, and content-rich.  We invite you to join us in this effort by posting comments and suggestions, making announcements, and reporting problems about the spaces or the website.