Say hello to our new co-habitators: David Moore and Noel Hidalgo

The OpenPlans office is one magical place, filled with designers, developers, map-makers, journalists, advocates and transportation nerds who have a strong leaning towards open data, livable cities, accountable government and healthy appreciation for maps.

We open our doors and offer desk space to similarly minded folk to work from our office. 148 Lafayette St is the civic tech hotspot of NYC, one can semi-strongly argue.

We'd like to introduce you to two of our newest office co-habitators:

David Moore of Particapatory Politics Foundation

PPF works to improve civic engagement on the federal, state and city. OpenCongress combines official government data with news and blog coverage, social networking, and participation tools to give you the real story behind what’s happening in Congress. Their OpenGovernment initiative is a public resource for government transparency at the state, city, and local levels by making it easier for citizens to learn about whats happening in their government, track changes, input into the process and share it all with others. Follow PPF  @ppolitics and on Facebook

Noel Hidalgo of Noel Hidalgo, the human being.

Noel focuses on the intersection of civic technology and community organising. Noel is working with individuals and the NYC Transparency Working Group  to ensure that the gains made in open government and civic technology are firmly entrenched into NYC's DNA.

Noel's projects include:

+ Open NY Forum, which coordinates NYC's civic technology meetups and is writing up a “citizen's guide to the digital city.” This is a project and policy playbook for Citizens, Meetups, NGOs, as well as the next NYC Mayor and Council.

+ New Amsterdam Ideas which develops new projects and open technology solutions for Government and Non-Govnernmental bodies.

+ #BikeNYC Meetup, which is working with OpenPlans to plan several #BikeNYC hackathons (keep an ear out for more about these).