Let’s hangout and talk about civic tech…

Last week, we shared a “field scan” of civic tech for low-income people. It captures themes we heard over past few months, during a series of interviews with people thinking about cities, low-income people, and technology. We put together the scan with support from Living Cities.

On Monday 12/17 at 1pm ET, join us for an informal conference call to discuss the scan, your reactions and comments, and the state of civic tech and low-income people more generally.

UPDATE: Here’s the Google Hangout for today’s conversation, see you at 1pm ET.

The scan is┬ánot intended as an authoritative portrait, history or roadmap for civic tech — there’s so much going on — so additional research and exploration are needed to understand these issues and potential solutions. We hope the scan is a useful starting point, for conversations like Monday’s, and beyond.

If you can’t join the hangout, please give us your thoughts via Twitter, or comment directly in this editable version of the document.