Aaron Ogle presents: “Web Maps for Better Cities”

On January 14 at JS.geo, Aaron Ogle presented “Leaflet: Web Maps for Better Cities”, an overview of our mapping work. Click through for slides from that presentation. 

JS.geo is a conference all about Geospatial Javascript, and is a gathering of those who are either actively hacking on JavaScript for geo or deeply interested in learning more.

Aaron is a developer here at OpenPlans who is working on Shareabouts and our webmap based tools. He’s created some Leaflet plugins that extend the functionality of web maps. Some examples are:

Leaflet Animated Marker makes it easy to create animations along a path on map. In this example you’ll animated icons to follow a bike itinerary from points A to B.

Argo allows people to create bounded maps with localized views and to select and pull in data sources, like bus routes, crash sites and food vendor locations.

Walkshed shows the walk shed area from a particular point on a map – how far one can walk within a selected amount of time.  It shows how raster analysis can be used to communicate area and time.