Fitzgerald in the field.

NYC’s Department of Transportation is using OpenPlans’ Street View Comments tool to gather public feedback along Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.

This is the first public use of our Street View-based tool, known as Fitzgerald. Using the DOT portal, residents of Bay Ridge can add annotations to the Street View imagery of Fourth Avenue. These comments are saved with the view, allowing anyone to read the comment alongside the exact view that’s been commented on.

Fitzgerald allows everyone to see the same thing and hear what each other are saying. Best yet, it’s always available – no need to travel to a public hearing to give input. It’s one of a pair of visual engagement tools that uses Street View images for planning outreach.  Fitzgerald allows for the data to be collected along a street, while its partner, Beautiful Streets allows for pair-wise comparison of street images.

We presented both tools at TRB, check out this poster to learn more:

Want to deploy Fitzgerald or Beautiful Streets in your civic engagement strategy? Drop us a line and we’d love to set it up for you.