b-roll: Aaron is adding analysis to crowdsourced maps

We’re working on Stomping Ground, our Shareabouts-based tool that helps citizens make individuals maps about a topic. Currently I’m adding functionality for project leaders to better understand the data they are collecting.

If we have dozens or hundreds of crowdsourced maps, how do we explore the results?  We can take the data collected from every individual map and generate heat maps to see which locations are getting a lot of attention.

These heat maps are generated using the HeatCanvas plugin for Leaflet. This is a great option for us, since Stomping Ground is powered by the Shareabouts API, we can simply fetch the data using AJAX and generate it in the browser.

There are a few quirks with the Leaflet layer provided by HeatCanvas, particularly only taking points within the current map bounds into account, so look for a pull request from us on that shortly.

In the future, we’d like to explore other ways  to visualize this data using density grids or hexagons maps. We plan on adding these tools to the core Shareabouts soon as well.

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