How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact?

The Knight News Challenge is asking the important question, “How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact?” Right now, they’re collecting “Inspirations” — examples of success stories, needs, data, and opportunities for rapid prototyping.

We’re seeing some great ideas in the mix, and we just added a few of our own…

User test or go home. Are you the final intended user of your government app? No? Then why are you making all the design decisions?

Needed: data about public meetings. Meetings matter. Yes, public meetings can be frustrating. But a lot of important civic activity happens in them. What if it was easier to find info – not just where and when, but the agenda? We need to make meetings easier to share and find.

PlanningCamp. TransportationCamp convened conversations about transportation, technology, equity and policy. TransparencyCamp pushed the world of open gov. It’s time for PlanningCamp.

See you in the discussion threads!