OpenBag: Keith Williams’ The Weekly Nabe

Keith Williams stopped by to give a rundown of his rundown of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, The Weekly Nabe.

Having spent a great deal of time living in Brooklyn, but not much time venturing into it, Keith decided that he should know certain aspects of Brooklyn neighborhood-ology. He wanted answers to questions such as –  Where is Greenwood Heights? Where does Bay Ridge end and Bensonhurst begin? How many lots is New Lots? And just what lurks below Newton Creek? There was only one way to answer these questions, and it was to get his hands and feet dirty.

Keith is dedicating his time to researching, visiting, documenting and photographing all of Brooklyn’s 63 neighborhood  one at a time, one per week.

All of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, in card form.

Starting with a bespoke bowler hat filled with neighborhood names on index cards, Keith randomly selects which neighborhood to research and visit that week. His first stop is the Brooklyn Collection at Brooklyn Public Library where he does historical research on the hood – looking up old neighborhood association cards, Brooklyn Eagle news articles, history books, stories, papers and newspapers.  He then seeks out current businesses and folks to meet up with. Keith makes an itinerary and travels there via bus, bike, subway or foot. He spend several hours soaking up local eats, smells and views.  Back home he catalogues his photos, writes up another post of the trip. The result is several blog posts of local flavor per neighborhood.

Keith has visited 29 neighborhoods, and has amassed a trove of interesting stories, tidbits and images of Brooklyn history. It’s a great living document of Brooklyn and a fun add to your RSS feed.

Check out Keith’s blog here  and follow @TheWeeklyNabe.