b-roll: Andy is rethinking Shareabouts for Street View

On Friday, Andy sat down to rethink Shareabouts for Street View, our open source visual commenting tool currently in use by NYCDOT and (thanks to the volunteers at Planning Corps) Transportation Alternatives
Here’s what Street View for Shareabouts looks like today:
Here’s a sketch of proposed improvements to the interface:
  • Ditch the confusing sticky note metaphor. No more text overflowing the fixed-size stickies.
  • Right-hand column is a reverse chronological list of comments and thumbnails. Reading comments is easier.
  • No popup. The form is always visible. Instructions (“Point Google Streetview directly at the issue you want to highlight, then leave a comment”) are placeholder text in the input, alongside “Option Email” input and submit. Leaving comments is easier.
  • No images. A more diagrammatic map is dynamically rendered via CSS from a list of links that load the comment list.
  • No slider. No “You are here.” Just click the intersection you wanna see, and it’s highlighted on the map & its comments are loaded into the list.
  • No bar graph. Just a comment count.
  • Clicking a comment highlights it in the list and pan/zooms the map to the commenter’s view. Optionally, this could alter the form so it leaves a nested response. Panning or zooming would unhighlight the comment and reset the form to fire off a new top-level comment.
  • I wonder if we need a map at all. Top of the thumbnails could have a header: “Main Street and [Cross Street Select Box]” (but it’s nice that the map shows where existing comments are).