RethinkingRegulation: May 11th

OpenPlans and NYU Wagner are teaming up to explore ways to aid regulators on three issues that have recently been in the headlines – low-cost intercity buses, illegal apartment conversions and food price gouging.

We’re exploring how technology and unconventional approaches to three urban liveabiliy issues in an “idea-thon”:

  • Life-threatening, noncompliant “Chinatown” Buses. Even with the new permit legislation, it’s difficult to regulate Chinatown buses in NYC, especially since we don’t even know of all the bus companies out there.
  • Food Price Gouging. Increases in the price of food to coincide with the days that people receive their food stamps, a problem in Newark, NJ and beyond.
  • Illegal apartment conversions. When renters reside in illegally converted apartment rentals they lose the rights afforded to those in legally recognized rentals and often live in unsafe spaces.

We’re delighted to welcome a member of Mayor Cory Booker’s staff from Newark, to advise teams about food price gouging, and to judge solutions.

We very pleased to welcome three judges:

  • Suchi Sanagavarapu, the Senior Project Manager at the New York City Department Of Transportation (DOT);
  • Sarah Kaufman, Research Associate at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation; and
  • Beth Noveck, former White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer and founder and director of the White House Open Government Initiative (2009-2011).

More details about these problems, and how the ideathon can generate solutions:

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RethinkingRegulation Design Challenge

Hosted by NYU Wagner & OpenPlans

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)

601 West 26th Street, #325,

New York, NY 10001

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