Heading to Transparency Camp? Check out Mjumbe’s “Selling Transparency” talk

Mjumbe Poe will be at Transparency Camp 2013. Check out his talk, “Selling Transparency”

Transparency has a PR problem. All of us at Transparency Camp have drunk the Kool Aid, but outside of our bubble there are thousands of decision makers who are wary and distrustful of the things we talk about. Terms like “open data” conjure security concerns, and “transparency” just seems like a inviting constant scrutiny over how you and your staff do your jobs. Overall, there are looming questions of “why should we do this?”.

A combination of messaging and education is needed to increase the reach of transparency advocates. In this session, we would examine the problem (for the benefit of those who have had the good fortune to never encounter it first-hand), hear about some strategies that work to communicate ideas about transparency to “normal people”, and brainstorm how to scale these strategies.

Transparency Camp
“Selling Transparency”  – Mjumbe Poe
Saturday 5/4/13 @ 11:30am

The Marvin Center @ GWU
800 21st Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20052