Taking #citibike hacks back on the road

June’s #citibike hack night was so fun, we’re doing it again. Since last month, riders of the system have spun up some impressive numbers. As of 17 July, over 60,000 annual members have subscribed, over one million trips have been taken, traveling over two million miles! And great tools keep coming.   Join the BetaNYC Read more…

#VizLou, an experiment in sharing inspirations and visions for Louisville

This week, we’re beta launching #VizLou, a civic engagement experiment in Louisville, KY. #VizLou helps visionary young adults share what they love about living in Louisville, and their ideas for the future. Discovering and sharing visions happens over Twitter and directly at vizlou.org. City leadership and staff, community leaders, and other adult allies can use the tool to share visions they like, offer comments and help make connections.