PlanningCamp NYC recap

The inaugural PlanningCamp held at Pratt Institute last Saturday was great fun. Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, proposed and led sessions, and helped OpenPlans think about how to develop better planning tools for everyone. The level of enthusiasm and commitment to planning, technology, and public participation and decision making was energizing.

If you weren’t there, check out the session notes posted on the PlanningCamp website. You can read some of what was said at sessions like, “Planning is NOT Just Urban,” “Designing Cities with Women in Mind,” “Online Engagement’s Missing Middle,” and “NYC Planning & The Next Mayor.” If you were there, please add your recollections and pictures.

Next stop: Oakland. If you live in the Bay Area, you won’t want to miss PlanningCamp on October 12. Sign up here, and start planning your three-word intro and session proposals now.