Making Brooklyn Safer

Make Brooklyn Safer is using Shareabouts to collect information on dangerous streets, covered today by DNAinfo

“We’re just fed up,” local parent and meeting organizer Hilda Cohen said. “This is an opportunity to get people in the community together who want to make change.”

The first goal of the group is to get more than 300 people to attend the march that will begin on the corner where Lucian died — DeKalb and Clermont avenues — and end at the 88th Precinct Community Council meeting, which will take place at 209 Clermont Ave.

The group — newly named Make Brooklyn Safer— is set to present their demands for better traffic enforcement to local police along with a newly created online interactive map that documents “unsafe street conditions and unsafe behavior in Fort Greene and surrounding neighborhoods.”

The map allows users to tag a spot where they witness a traffic violation and add pictures and comments in that place. Locals have already tagged more than 30 spots they have deemed “troubled locations.”

Make Brooklyn Safer also plans to lobby the city Department of Transportation and local politicians for more stop signs, stop lights and speed bumps in the area.

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