Philly covers myPhillyRising

[Philadelphia’s] three-year-old cross-departmental effort PhillyRising program works inside 15 high-crime neighborhoods in hopes of empowering and organizing communities, but director John Farrell said the most common refrain he hears is, “I didn’t know about this,” whether it’s about a community meeting or a neighborhood computer lab or an afterschool program. That’s why the city launched myPhillyRising, a Read more…

Getting informed and involved with myPhilly

Last week, the City of Philadelphia announced the launch of, to support the great work of the PhillyRising collaborative. The app gives residents quick access to details of local events, information about community resources, recent success stories, and a useful list of nearby facilities like libraries.

We built the app, working with the PhillyRising team and Philly’s tech staff. It’s open source, and we’re working to make it easy for others to get started as contributors. This was an exciting project for us, because PhillyRising is all about building long-term capacity within neighborhoods and giving communities the tools they need to be more empowered.