Coming soon to Plan In A Box

Plan In A Box at PlanningCamp

Since launching the alpha version of Plan In A Box at the end of January, we’ve been taking your feedback and comments.

We’ve learned a lot about the kinds of information planners want to be sharing, including some of the big questions — why is this project happening? why should I be involved? — right down to small but important details, like photos of past public meetings, and an easy way to contact the person running outreach.

We’re turning these suggestions into new features, and we’ll be adding them to the live version of Plan In A Box soon. If you’re already signed up, you’ll see the features live in your account as we finish them.¬†Up next: a re-worked status indicator and a more detailed and useful timeline.

You can check out our development roadmap here – please jump in and make comments or show support for particular features you’re interested in!